Office bearers of Avery Denension pexar union and Adam jee Engeenering workers union visit the office
Educate Workers About their role in ensuring a COVID-19 free safe workplace

A joint meeting of office beares and representatives of committiess was held under the chairmanship of PWF General secreaty Sindh in which the agenda of bilatrel negociation on charter of demand of workers was discuss in detail. MEETING WAS ATTENDED BY THE CHAIRMAN ZAHIR KHAN , PRESIDENT ABDUL GHFFAR AND GENERAL SECRETARY ALI MUHAMMAD JAMALI AND OTHER OFFICE BEARES OF THE UNION.
Aafter discussion on the agenda Mr Asad Memon conducted a session on delievering awiarness regarding covid 19. In which Asad also distribute face mask to each participants of the meeting.
Mr Asad also provide a panaflex banner awairness about how to keep yourself from covid19.
19 November 2020

PWF Karachi Sindh Region is also providing strategic support to the affiliated and non affiliated units in term of drafting deferent letters, making draft of Charter of Demands, attending meetings of bilateral negotiations, submitting EOBI cases, death grants and drafting agreement and settlement in a legal manner. Project Officer is working full time in PWF Karachi Sindh regions which continuously open and working seven days in a week since 09.00 am to 09.00pm without any break and also maintaining the attendance record.
(Some DFA Letters Charter of Demands and Attendance Sheet is attached).

Conduct Trainings on IT Skills.
That being the regional Project Officer conduct IT Skill trainings on using ZOOM application during the period October 11, 2020 to November 17, 2020 in which 03 participants (03 Male , 00 Females) trained to use zoom application for virtual meeting.

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