LAHORE: The railway labour union has announced wheel-jam strike on August 5 against the forced layoffs in Pakistan Railways. They announced this during a protest demonstration held at Railways Headquarters. The railway workers shut down their workshops and gathered at the Railways Headquarters to protest against not increasing their salaries and forced layoffs.

Rail Mazdoor Ittehad leader Sarfraz Khan said took the extreme decision as all their requests and pleas had fallen on deaf ears. There is still time to raise the salaries by 100 per cent and stop forced layoffs. The previous policy of pensions and annual increment should be retained, he said. Another Rail Mazdoor Ittehad leader, Mian Mahmood Nangiana, sought immediate implementation of the three agreed demands of the labourers. The labour leaders also demanded removal of Director General Legal Tahir Butt and Legal Consultant Salman Kazmi

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